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The Sunken RMS Titanic

While there are many 3d models of the Titanic this is original in many aspects

1. It is set within the context of Belfast , the city of its birth with many buildings that existed at the time it was built recreated there.

2. It is available online to anyone with a mid range computer and internet access.

3. Users can interact with not only the model but also with other users from around the world with text chat, quality voice chat and other online activities.

The Titanic Quarter of Virtual Belfast consists of the drawing office containing the original plans, the Thompson graving dock where the ship was built and the pumphouse containing the machinery that first floated the ship. These are the only 3 structures that still survive in Belfast with a direct connection to the ship.

After exploring these areas and the multi-media contained within, the user in the form of an "avatar" can dive into the harbour and a stunning seascape featuring realistic flora and fauna. They are then presented with the awe inspiring vista of the sunken hull of the great ship, ruined now and covered in seaweed there are more surprises to come.

As the avatars enter the ship they are struck by the sharp contrast of the luxurious interior reflecting the lost glory and opulence of the original liner.

Dressed in the style of the day as one of several characters the user can interact with the fabric of the ship and a variety of pre programmed characters, eg dine at the captains table, dance in the grand ballroom, promenade the decks or visit the Edwardian splendour of the tea rooms and marvel at the engineering feat of the engine rooms.

To visit the sunken Titanic start at Virtual Belfast.

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