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The Maritime Club, Belfast

The Maritime Club is a virtual live music venue that has held events since 2004 providing a platform for Belfast musicians to reach a worldwide audience and allowing musicians from around the world to play in this historic venue.

The venue is based on a blues club in Belfast opened and run by Van Morrison in 1964 in the basement of The Maritime Hotel, a rundown seaman's mission in central Belfast, that was universally known as The Maritime Club.

Van's seminal band "Them" made their debut there on opening night. Morrison has said "Them lived and died on the stage at The Maritime Hotel".

While Morrison moved on to bigger things it quickly became the top live music club in Ireland and known throughout the world.

A bomb targeting the nearby Europa Hotel caused structural damage and the building had to be demolished depriving Belfast of a piece of architectural musical heritage on a par with The Cavern Club in Liverpool.

There is an online live music event every Sunday at 10pm GMT, you can listen in the player above but for the full experience sign-up for OSGrid here.
To visit by hypergrid use the address
hg.osgrid.org:80:Maritime Club Belfast

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