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Fourteen East Cafe, Detroit

This is a model of an art gallery/cafe in Detroit where we hold our regular mixed-reality events for the Detroit Design Festival.

We modeled the interior as well as the exterior of the commercial block based on photos and real life observation/measurments.

The events are advertised as an introduction to the use of Opensimulator technology and how it can be used by all design disciplines.

Our set up is to have a computer in the cafe with an avatar logged into the simulation as well as several users/avatars logged in from various parts of the world. Publicity for the events encourage members of the public to bring their own laptops or suitable mobile device. Our computer's screen is also projected on the wall for better viewing by attendees who do not have their own machines.

The sessions start by helping people with laptops install a virtual world viewer, registering accounts, picking an avatar and logging in. This process is explained as it happens for others present.

We then have our local staff person lead a seminar and round table discusion with our international virtual guests on how the technology is being used including short examples of how to build simple objects in the simulation.

The reception of the local designers is always very positive and has lead to further collaborations in Detroit and beyond.

The model and resultant machinima video are used by the cafe owner to promote her business online.

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