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About Us

3dcolab provide 3D-Immersive Computer simulations to businesses and organizations. These simulations, virtual environments, allow geographically dispersed computer users to interact in real time in a common virtual space over the web. The virtual environments take a variety of forms including:

- basic turnkey meeting/conference rooms with pre-made avatars

- custom built immersive representations of historic locations/tourist attractions

- complex environments for carrying out training scenarios such as teaching state compliancy laws or as extensions to traditional classroom instruction

- wholesale migration of an organisation's traditional 2d material to a 3d environment

- self contained 3d world for distribution on USB sticks

In the past this technology has been available only to large organizations at high levels of costs but has developed in recent years to be affordable in its open-source version to any mid-level or small organization that wants the advantage of having the future of training and client/customer interaction now.

This is a web technology that provides a much greater sense of presence for the user/viewer than other web technologies such as web meeting programs or chat rooms. It is this sense of presence that increases the engagement of the user and gives value to your business or organization.

We have a vast breadth and depth of experience in all aspects of VR and a flexible work style where we can collaborate with or assist an organisation's IT team to achieve their 3d aspirations or totally manage a project from inception to completion.

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